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COCA COLA and Bullets to kill Palesinian children
Recently Coca Cola teamed up with the "Friends of Israel" and National Hillel to cosponsor a lecture given by the infamous zionist correspondent Linda Gradstein, of National Public Radio, NPR, at the University of >Minnesota.

From 1966 Coca-Cola has been a staunch supporter of Israel. The Government of Israel Economic Mission honored Coca-Cola at the Israel Trade Award Dinner for its continued support of Israel and for refusing to abide by the Arab League boycott of Israel when that boycott was in effect.

Robert Fisk: "Starbucks the target of Arab boycott for its growing links to Israel" - (The Independent, 14 June 2002)
Arab citizens seize boycott banner - May 07, 2002
Boycott the Companies that support the Israeli Army

People are scared in this country
by Desmond Tutu - Saturday May 04, 2002 at 06:36 AM
"People are scared in this country [the US], to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful - very powerful."

"People are scared in this country [the US], to say wrong is wrong because the Jewish lobby is powerful - very powerful. Well, so what? For goodness sake, this is God's world! We live in a moral universe. The apartheid government was very powerful, but today it no longer exists. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pinochet, Milosevic, and Idi Amin were all powerful, but in the end they bit the dust.
"Injustice and oppression will never prevail. Those who are powerful have to remember the litmus test that God gives to the powerful: what is your treatment of the poor, the hungry, the voiceless? And on the basis of that, God passes judgment." Desmond Tutu - April 29, 2002 Guardian UK

Boycott STARBUCKS where a cup of java is flavored with a murder in Gaza.....
(Seattle Times, Local Jews congregate to support Israel, 04/05/2002).
Howard Shultz, the CEO of Starbucks and the owner of the Seattle Sonics NBA team, was quoted calling on his congregation in Seattle to support Israel’s brutal campaign of repression against the Palestinians.

In an echo of his war criminal hero, Ariel Sharon, Shultz said; “We cannot continue to allow the people of this world to put us in a position of subordination because we are Jewish”. That is his take on the Israeli occupation thugs romping through the West Bank and Gaza at the command of the butcher of Qibya, Sabra, Shatila and Jenin.

According to this prominent Seattle CEO, the Jewish supremacist occupation goons are in subordination to the brutalized Palestinians? Well, that is the kind of warped logic these Yiddish supremacists wean their kids on.

It is beyond disgusting that I have to live in the same city where a brazen fascist like Shultz can own the local basketball team. So, I have decided to do something about it. WE Call On Coffee Lovers Around The World TO Boycott Starbucks. This morally retarded Yiddish supremacist has always been a bad Likudnik. It is time to serve him a cold cup of latte.

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