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  Challenging Racism and Violence in the Media Through Education  


5 Things You Can Do Today to Help Palestine

1. EDUCATE yourself about the current situation and the history of the Arabs and the Arab-Israeli conflict and Arab's pursuit of peace. Then go out and educate your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Supporters of Arab need to be knowledgeable and comfortable articulating Arab's positions, providing context to current events and countering the accusations made by those unfamiliar with the facts or critical of Arabs and Muslims.
2. ADVOCATE to elected officials to support Palestinian human rights. Write, fax, e-mail, the Prime Minister, the Ministers and members of parliament,  even local political officials to urge continued Canadian  support and understanding for the Palestinian rights.
3. PARTICIPATE in community events expressing the Palestinian issues.  Large turn-outs for these programs are an important demonstration to the government, media and influential people in your community of the activism of supporters of human rights.   It is also an important morale booster for those suffering in Palestine.
4. MONITOR media coverage of the Arab world. Contact media outlets in a professional and factual manner to point out factual errors, to provide context to current events, or to disagree with editorials or op-eds. Write you own op-ed for small community newspapers seeking local voices and opinions on the situation in the Middle East.
5. DONATE to the Palestinians in need.   Shop at companies that support the Palestinian cause, and avoid those who have businesses in the settlements on Palestinian soil

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