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Hateful message about Arab Canadians 

(Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) - 17 September 2002)
On September 11, 2002, a day of mourning and commemoration, when Arabs and Muslims in North America also reflected on their changed lives and ongoing victimization, Toronto-based Radio Q107 saw it fit to instigate hate.  John Derenger, who hosts a weekday morning show told Arab Canadians during his "Tool of the day segment" that they should "look inward... to figure out why this is going on."  Following is a transcript of the segment:

John Derenger:
Today's not a day to be hate mongering or anything like that of course, but a story within the show, many stories, Canada's Arab community is upset and angry that some foreign visitors to the United States will now be finger printed, photographed and monitored. "It really scares us", says Raja Khouri, National President of the Canadian Arab Foundation "what's next, are we going to be stamped on our foreheads? Will we have to wear a crescent sewn on our shoulders? Will airports be posted with warnings Arabs arriving?" I mean, take..take a look inwards here pal, take a look inwards, it doesn't take that much to figure out why this is going on. And Raja, to turn around and blame this on us, you got problems bud. The number one being that you're today's tool of the day....

Wow what a are an idiot....

Send your reaction to this hateful message by writing an e-mail to the contact names provided below.  It is preferable that letters include your full name and address and daytime and evening telephone numbers(s) for verification.

Points you can use in your letter:

1. The host was exploiting a solemn occasion to knowingly send a message of hate
2. He victimized Arabs in Canada by assigning them blame for the atrocities in the U.S.
3. It is sheer racism to hold Arabs and Arab Canadians responsible for the crimes of a few
4. Derenger incites divisiveness between Canadians by promoting an "us" vs. "them"  attitude
5. By assigning blame to Canada's Arabs and Muslims, Derenger is instigating racist acts, and possibly physical attacks, on this one-million-strong minority

Contact information:
Jim JJ Johnston, VP Programming,
Stewart Meyers, Director of Programming,
Jeff Woods, Program Director,
BE FIRM, BUT POLITE.  Racism has no place in Canada!

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