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Anti-war Rally in Edmonton

February 16, 2003
The anti-war rally in Edmonton yesterday shows a cross section of the crowd that stretched from Churchill Square east one block to Canada Place on 97th St, and then west up Jasper avenue for 3 blocks or so. In other words, people about one quarter of the way back from the front on Jasper Avenue could look south down 100th Street and see the back end of march and it was that thickness the whole way along. This is what it said on the Edmonton Journal web site this morning:

"Estimates for the anti-war rally turnout ranged from 5,000-6,000 from some organizers to 12,000 from Edmonton police. At the height of the march against a possible U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the streets were filled with people across two lanes for five blocks. It took more than 15 minutes for the whole parade to file by any one spot." ({B60FB433-9642-4FAC-85EB-CDC779EA4EDD )

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