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Toronto Sun Editorial "Where is the world's outrage?"

Editorial, Toronto Sun, May 31, 2002

Jewish blood has always come pretty cheap as far as much of the world is concerned.

And not just during the Holocaust. After all, now that Palestinian terrorists are back to picking off Israelis a few at a time - back to their usual string of "little murders" instead of a few big ones - where is the world's outrage now?

The outrage that greeted Israel's military incursion into the West Bank after a homicide bomber slaughtered 19 Israelis and wounded 120 on March 27, just as Jews in a Netanya hotel were sitting down to celebrate Passover.

But for weeks before that, the homicide bombers had been picking off Jews a few at a time. Just as they, and Palestinian gunmen, are now.

Where, then, was the world's condemnation of this almost daily terrorism? Where is it now? Where are the UN resolutions? The human rights groups? The unions? Bill Graham?

Why, following the Passover Massacre, when Israel finally responded to weeks of provocation, was it only then that the media rushed in, only to be taken in by Palestinian propaganda that there had been a "massacre" in Jenin.

A massacre in which, as long-time Mideast correspondent Tom Gross has documented in his definitive piece - "Jeningrad" - the media were only too happy to report that "3,000" Palestinian civilians had been killed by rampaging Israeli soldiers, who had then hidden the bodies by bulldozing them into mass graves. Then "3,000" suddenly became "500" and finally, 56, all but a handful armed Palestinians who had died in fierce door-to-door fighting in which 23 Israeli soldiers had also been killed. And the media?

Few even admitted how badly they had been fooled, let alone reported that the real story of Jenin was that the Israelis had kept civilian casualties low by risking their own soldiers' lives.

Then, early in May, another huge homicide bombing, with the murderer originating in the Gaza strip. It killed 15 Israelis outside Tel Aviv.

Once again, the world expected Israel to move into Gaza at a huge cost to human life. But Israel held back. Where was the world's praise for this remarkable show of restraint? Perhaps we missed it. But somehow, we doubt it.

Toronto Sun
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