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In Their Own Words

February 16, 2003 anti-war rally in Edmonton
Edmonton Journal Editorial
Examples of Hate Speech
Jews forced from Arab lands after 1948 a forgotten exodus - 20 Jan 2003
Edmonton Journal Editorial
Hate Literature? Won't Happen
Edmonton Journal Editorial
Latest attack on Jews brings a deafening silence - 02 December 2002
Rosie Dimanno, Toronto Star - Response Letters
Hateful message about Arab Canadians - 17 September 2002
Canadian Arab Federation, CAF
Multiculturalists are the real racists - 28 August 2002
Mark Steyn - The National Post - Response by Adala
CNN Money "A Time For Clarity" - June 05, 2002
CNN Money Line, More
Why racial profiling is a good idea - June 3, 2002
Globe and Mail
Where is the world's outrage? - May 31, 2002
Toronto Sun
Apocalyptic creed - April 02, 2002
Edmonton Journal Editorial
Ministers preach war on Islam, Bill Press - February 28, 2002
CNN Inside Politics
Canada's CanWest Global supports Israelís War Crimes! - December 2001

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