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Give back the land

(Letter to Calgary Herald by Ross Goodwin - 05 April 2002)
The Herald keeps repeating that Israel has the right to defend itself against Palestinian attacks, but that isn't true. If a country is created by stealing a people's land, that country has no moral right to defend itself when the victims of the theft attack it in an attempt to get their land back.

In 1880, when the Zionist movement to bring Jews to Palestine began, Jews made up about six per cent of Palestine's population. In 1948, 77 per cent of Palestine was seized to create the state of Israel. In 1967, Israel occupied the remaining 23 per cent of Palestine and began creating Jewish settlements there. The creation of Israel was a massive theft.

The only morally correct response that Israel can make to Palestinian attacks is to apologize to the Palestinians for taking their land and immediately begin resettling Palestinian refugees on land taken from them. That would put an end to Palestinian violence much more quickly than continued oppression will.

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