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Recommended Articles on Media and Media Manipulation regarding the Arab World and the Middle East

Action Alert : Protest Ottawa Citizen racist ad
(Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) - 06 December 2002)
We are being set up for a war against Saddam
(Robert Fisk - The Independent, 04 December 2002)
Manufacturing a massacre
(Eric Boehlert - news - 19 November 2002)
Ex-US President Jimmy Carter Slams 'Arrogant' US Foreign Policy
(Agence France Presse, Common Dreams - 16 November 2002)
Roll call of 322 children killed in the intifada
(The Independent, 01 October 2002) - Amnesty International's Report
Prosecute Sharon for war crimes, Israeli women say
(Robert Fisk - The Independent, 24 September 2002)
(BBC - Middle East - 16 September 2002)
September Tribute to Innocent Victims of Terrorism Sep 11, 2002
A year later, let us learn and make things better
(Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) - 11 September 2002)
US threatens world peace, says Mandela
(BBC - Africa - 11 September 2002)
A view from the Middle East
(Robert Fisk - The Independent, 11 September 2002)
Arab, Muslim and Anti-racism groups call for an end to discrimination
(Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) - 09 September 2002)
The New War Against Iraq's People, Terrorism, and Mosquitoes
(Noam Chomsky - The Guardian, 09 September 2002)
Truth Is The Best Argument
(Charles Reese - 02 September 2002)
A conflict conveniently forgotten and a holocaust deliberately denied
(Robert Fisk - The Independent, 31 August 2002)
What has CSIS done?
(Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) - 15 August 2002)
US university sued over Koran class
(BBC - Americas - 07 August 2002)
Meet the Arabs I Know
(Frank Fugate - 29 July 2002)
Is the US in Bed with a Rogue Nation?
(Joseph Clifford - Media - 30 June 2002)
I wonder why Bush doesn't let Sharon run his press office
(Robert Fisk - The Independent, 26 June 2002)
Excellent reply on issue of Palestinian suicide bombings which gives the facts
Open Letter to Mark Goodman  (By Jehad Aliweiwi - June 07, 2002)
CAF condemns security measures announced by Ashcroft as racist, dangerous
(Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) - 06 June 2002)
Robert Fisk: "There is a firestorm coming, and it is being provoked by Mr Bush"
(The Independent, 25 May 2002)
The right way to answer the interviews questions
Fox Interview with Lebanese Ambassador
Apartheid in the Holy Land 
(Desmond Tutu - The Guardian - April 29, 2002)
Israeli Hypocrisy and Norwegian Suiciders
(Terje Maröy For - 29 April 2002)
Dr. Eyad Sarraj: "Why we have become Suicide Bombers"
Naomi Klein: "Old Hates Fuelled By Fear"
(24 April, 2002)
Edward Said: "What Israel has done"
(Al-Ahram Weekly Online - April 24 2002)
Jessica Hodgson: "Journalists Accuse Israel Of Media Violation"
(The Guardian, 22 April 2002)
Tarik Kafala: "Israel launches media offensive"
(BBC News Online - 19 April 2002)
Charles Reese: "Language of the Middle East"
(15 April 2002)
Robert Fisk: Mr Powell must see for himself what Israel inflicted on Jenin
(The Independent, 14 April 2002)
Lena Khalaf: "Walk in the Shoes of a Palestinian American"
(Seattle Time - 12 April 2002)
Robert Fisk: This will be the week when we see who runs the US-Israeli alliance
(The Independent, 08 April 2002)
Give Back the Land
(Letter to Calgary Herald by Ross Goodwin - 05 April 2002)
Article by Jewish America
(March 21, 2002)
Anti-Arab Hate Crimes, Discrimination Continue
- September 21, 2001)
Robert Fisk, "I am being vilified for telling the truth about Palestinians"
(The Independent, 13 December 2000)
Robert Fisk, "The biased reporting that makes killing acceptable"
(The Independent, 14 November 2000)

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